How to get to SFU and maps

South Sciences Building (SSB) location

Directions to Fiona’s office:

Via Bus:
If you get off at the first stop on campus, walk east, heading up some stairs, and go through Convocation Mall. Enter the Academic Quadrangle (AQ; see map links) and head south (right), going up one set of stairs. You should be right near the entrance of the Chemistry wing of the Shrum Science Centre (SSC). Walk south down this chemistry wing until you reach some major doors and stairs. Go down two flights of stairs and continue south. My office is in that hallway on the right, just after you enter the South Science Building (SSB). Room 7110.


  • Go to the SFU parkade. You need to walk through Convocation Mall, as per the directions above for those arriving by bus.
  • If we are paying for parking right near our building for you: From Gaglardi Way, turn off onto South Campus Road and turn left just before the South Science Building. You can park there at a small lot (about 6 parking spots) on the west side of the South Science Building. The MBB office will give you a special parking permit for this (remind me to get this for you!). You can enter the South Science Building from there. Go down the hall to a central stairway in the middle of the building in an open-concept area. Go up one floor and turn right (north). My office is Rm 7110, down that hall on your left.